Who We Are

Robert Freedman, PhD

  • DoD Acquisition – from government and industry perspectives
  • Strategy development
  • Business planning and execution
  • Leadership development and performance

Clients want consulting engagements that produce rapid and measurable results. As a seasoned aerospace executive, Rob brings a unique combination of practical executive experience and advanced academic studies to help clients understand the source of real-world business problems, break them into manageable projects, develop metrics to assess progress, and deploy lessons learned for the next project.

Freedman 2-13

Rob has worked successfully in defense acquisition, for-profit business, and academic environments. He has led teams to superb performance in the difficult and highly political, major-systems acquisition domain. His programs were delivered on time, on cost, and met all key technical performance metrics. In industry, he has been able to guide a highly technical business to extraordinary growth, and significantly improved work-group profit performance. These experiences prompted Rob to explore more deeply the relationship between leadership and extraordinary performance as his principal research interest.

From his experience as a defense acquisition professional, an industry program manager, and business executive, Rob strongly believes that consulting engagements are only useful when the consultant is closely aligned with the client and the client’s business objectives. This means rolling up sleeves and engaging in client activities and processes, understanding client aspirations, objectives, and concerns, and working closely with the client to unearth the real problems to be addressed—which often are not the problems that are first articulated.

Rob has earned Masters degrees in aeronautical engineering and systems management as well as a PhD in organization and management.

Rob’s consulting philosophy: Provide clients with hands-on service that delivers to the client a clear, achievable, and measurable path to results that are meaningful to the client. Rob is a strong advocate for finding paths that clients are willing and able to take.

Guy Higgins

  • Leadership and organization effectiveness
  • Business planning, continuity and execution
  • Decision making and problem solving in complex environments
  • Strategic planning
  • Achieving and leveraging cognitive diversity
  • DoD acquisition – from government and industry perspectives

An engineer by education, a technologist by avocation and a problem-solving leader, Guy is widely recognized for his ability to quickly see to the crux of an issue and to focus on a solution. Guy has solved problems in stable operations, in times of crisis, and for the long term. “The primary focus has to be on a viable solution – before technology, or processes or tools are considered. It’s all about solving the problem – as quickly as possible, while keeping a long range perspective.”

Guy Higgins

Guy traffics in ideas and thinks that every valuable idea must fit into the real world – how the world is and how it works. A life-long learner, he reads voluminously and eclectically and continually updates his “mental model” of the world. His ability to understand the world today – and how it is evolving – enhances his ability to contribute to useful and executable solutions.

In today’s world, change is accelerating in numerous dimensions and companies recognize that they need expert help to deal with those changes. Guy’s forty years of experience have shown him that close collaboration between the problem-owning client and any consultant is vital to the successful solution of the problem. Accordingly, he works closely with clients to develop a shared understanding of their problem in all its crucial dimensions. He moves from that understanding to an executable solution that delivers results quickly without just “kicking the can down the road.” He helps companies solve problems so they “stay solved.”

Guy has led major acquisition programs for the US Navy, achieving an unsurpassed 100% success rate (five for five) in operational testing – on cost and on schedule. He has likewise led major captures and large functional organizations for industry. He has explored new markets and championed innovation – in technology and products, in organization and leadership, and in business models. Throughout his career, Guy has maintained a “customer-centric” approach – for Navy warfighters and for business customers.

Guy earned a Master of Science degree in engineering as a Guggenheim Fellow and is a graduate of the US Navy Test Pilot School.

Guy’s philosophy: Life is a basketball game, not a ballet – you need to be prepared and have a game plan, but don’t expect the game to follow a script. Business has to be played in real time as well. You can’t choreograph the future, but you have to plan for it while knowing that the details of the plan will change.

Jennifer Freedman

  • Strategy development
  • Strategic planning
  • Critical review
  • Marketing/communication/branding/messaging
  • Business planning, continuity and execution

Jennifer believes in the importance of a clearly articulated strategy. An organization needs to know where it wants to go and how it intends to get there. Everyone in the organization – from senior management to the shop floor – needs to understand the strategy and how what they are doing supports that strategy. A good strategy tells you what you should be doing, and perhaps more importantly, it helps you decide what you shouldn’t be doing.

Jennifer Freedman

Jennifer would never tell a client what the organization’s strategy should be. Her goal is to guide an organization’s leadership through a strategy development process together and work with them until they have developed a well-articulated, actionable strategy. She helps them determine their business objectives and how they plan to reach each of those objectives – in clear language that the whole organization will understand. She also enjoys working with all levels of the organization to flow that strategy down throughout the organization.

During her eight years with The Boeing Company, Jennifer led numerous groups through the strategy development process – at the highest levels of the company. She has found that the discussion and thought that goes into the process is every bit as valuable as the end product.

Jennifer is an exceptional, value-added, critical reviewer. She has the ability to look at the work product of others and helps to improve it. Drawing on years of experience, Jennifer considers each work product through the lens of such questions as: Does it make sense? Is the language clear, and will it be understandable to the target audience? Does it align with strategy? Does it deliver intended messages? Will the customer be interested? Is it concise and well written? Whether it is a white paper, a proposal, a marketing piece, a web site, an important report or even a plan, it can benefit from both a “new perspective” and a critical review.

Jennifer also has 20 years of experience in marketing, communication, media relations and branding. She knows the importance of determining the right messages and ensuring that those are the messages getting to the customer. Jennifer has the well-honed ability to see the customer perspective and apply that to every aspect of the business.

Jennifer holds a Masters degree in integrated marketing communication.