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Improving Decision Making in Crisis
Guy Higgins and Jennifer Freedman

Abstract: The most critical activity during emergencies or crises is making decisions about what to do next.  This article provides insights into the challenges that people face in making decisions at any time, but particularly during emergencies and crises.  It also introduces the reader to the concept of different sense-making/decision-making domains, the human behaviors that can adversely affect decision making – Decision Derailers – and ways in which emergency responders can leverage this knowledge to make better decisions.  While the literature on decision making is extensive, this article is focused on those aspects that apply particularly to decision making in emergencies or times of crisis.

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Group Decision Making: Opportunities and Hazards
Robert Freedman, PhD

Abstract: This article explores the opportunities and hazards in group decision making, focusing on businesses engaged in technology development. The author also discusses the work of Janis [1982] who coined the term ”groupthink” to characterize a particular set of faulty decision making processes within a group.

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White Papers

Information Dominance: Forging the Navy’s New “Main Battery”
Jennifer Freedman and Guy Higgins

Abstract: This paper defines and discusses Information Dominance, a capability that is extremely important to the U.S. Navy. Information Dominance is not just about collecting and processing more data; it is about using the data you have wisely. The paper discusses necessary technology and more importantly, the training of leaders to make better decisions with the information they have available to them.

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Is Your Supply Chain Dangerously Lean?
Guy Higgins and Jennifer Freedman

Abstract: The advantages of Lean manufacturing – and having a Lean supply chain – are well known and much discussed.  The future for Lean remains bright.  But – there is a dark side to lean that may not be considered thoroughly enough or often enough.  For a manufacturer, a single failure in a Lean supply chain, if not prepared for ahead of time, could put a company out of business – usually temporarily, but sometimes permanently.

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Making Better Business Decisions
Guy Higgins and Jennifer Freedman

Abstract: This paper addresses how companies can improve decision making. It highlights the ways in which companies can “leave money on the table” when making decisions. It stresses the importance of having an effective decision-making process and honing decision-making skills.

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