The Genesis of Better Decisions™

A one- or two-day seminar on understanding the human factors that affect decision making

  • Increase the chances of making the “best” decision
  • Understand why “consensus” is not good enough
  • Recognize behavior that can lead to poor decisions
  • Foster team commitment to decision execution
  • Increase confidence in decisions and decision makers
  • Increase probability of success

A quick Internet search will uncover dozens, if not hundreds, of seminars, courses, books and material on decision making. Most of these resources focus on a linear decision-making process — an “If-you-follow-these-steps-you-will-make-a-good-decision” kind of process.

While we recognize the need for and efficacy of such processes, this seminar focuses on the subtle human factors that can diminish the effectiveness of the decision-making process or the ultimate value of the decisions made.

Based on our research into decision making and human behavior, we will discuss the most common Decision DerailersTM and ways to mitigate them so as not to subvert the process or the decision.

Who should attend?

  • Leaders and leadership teams
  • Managers that lead teams and make decisions that impact the bottom line

Learning objectives

  • Understand the “art and science” of decision making
  • Recognize factors that can influence decisions – Decision Derailers™
  • Discover actions you can take to mitigate those Decision Derailers™


  • Tailorable, Decision Derailersv mitigation process
  • Quick-reference, mitigation guide

For further information, or to schedule a seminar, contact Performance2.