Business Performance

  • Business Innovation – Working with companies to analyze and improve their innovation development and management processes. We ensure that innovation processes apply to business models and organizational/leadership structure as well as technology innovation.
  • Decision-making and Problem-solving – Providing companies with insight into behaviors, individual and group, that frequently compromise the quality or integrity of decisions or the execution of those decisions. We offer mitigation techniques and help with developing company decision-making processes.
  • Facilitation – Helping companies and organizations create actionable strategies, identify problems and explore solutions in a structured and disciplined manner.  Event preparation, on-site facilitation and clear, concise reporting.
  • Leadership and Organizational Performance – Applying significant personal experience to help companies improve and use their organizational structure, management techniques and leadership as competitive advantages.
  • Non-advocate Critical Review – Emphasizing effective communication and providing client companies with thorough reviews of their material, plans, websites, proposals, marketing and other written, audio or video documents to help them improve the clarity, conciseness, logic and effectiveness of those documents.
  • Proposal Effectiveness – Developing Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that are clear, concise and ensure that all needs and requirements will be properly addressed. For companies responding to RFPs, we help develop win strategies and win themes and ensure that the “winning” messages are effectively integrated and communicated throughout the proposal response.
  • Strategy Development and Implementation Planning – Helping companies develop viable and effective strategies that are clearly understood throughout the company and are consistent with the company’s cultural and physical resources.