• Establish client/consultant team to work together to mutually understand the issue. Our “outside” perspective helps us work with clients to clarify their thinking about issues and to identify root causes. This enables us to see the issue clearly and discover potential solutions.

  • Offer solutions and recommendations within the capability space of the client. A solution that requires resources that the client does not have or that mandates cultural, organizational or operating changes the client cannot implement is useless.

  • Offer custom solutions for unique problems.Our client-centric approach offers results and deliverables specific to the client’s issues – never a “shrink-wrapped” solution. While we will draw on our experience and learning with other clients and organizations, we do not offer any “one-size-fits-all” solutions.

  • Move quickly. Speed has to be a key element of our product. Engagements with clients have to be fast and energetic. We will always focus on including near-term, effective actions in our overall solution.

  • Mentor clients during implementation. We will work with the client as much as necessary to help implement a solution; we will not walk away after delivering proposed solutions. We want to continue to help the client achieve near-term, measurable results.

  • Leave capability behind. Rather than merely providing clients with a process to be implemented, we prefer to work closely with clients to ensure that proposed solutions will achieve their goals and to enable them to continue to move forward on their own.

  • Leave the client with a plan to move forward. We always want to ensure that our client has an actionable plan with meaningful metrics.